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What is the difference between surgical masks and KN95 masks?

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic, medical surgical masks have been frequently used in our daily life. Compared with KN95 masks, these kind of masks are cheaper and easier to obtain. However, for clinical high-risk medical groups and workers in special factories, KN95 masks must be used to obtain better protection effects. So what's the difference between a surgical mask and the KN95?

Next, I will introduce their differences from three aspects: standards, materials and applicable groups.

(1) Different standards

The KN95 mask is made in accordance with GB 2626-2006 "Respiratory protective equipment self-priming filter type anti-particulate respirator", which belongs to the national standard of China. Its detection methods and grade requirements are the same as the N95 mask under the American standard, so the protective effect of KN95 mask is basically the same as that of N95 mask. Surgical masks are made in accordance with the medical industry standard YY 0469-2011 Technical Requirements for Surgical masks for Medical Use. These standards have requirements for bacterial filtration performance of surgical masks. Generally, the filtration efficiency of non-oily particles should reach more than 30%, and the filtration efficiency of bacteria should reach more than 95%.

(2) The materials are different

KN95 mask is made of polypropylene material, polypropylene is a polymer polymerized by propylene; The main material of surgical mask is polypropylene, which is non-woven material. Now, the KN95 mask made of nanomaterials has been developed. This new mask made of nanomaterials can be disinfected with alcohol and reused, greatly reducing the cost.

(3) Applicable to different groups

Due to the difference in the workplace, the particulate matter people are exposed to can be divided into two categories: oily and non-oily. KN95 mask is mainly used to protect non-oily particulate matter, and its filtration ability to non-oily particulate matter (using sodium chloride detection) is greater than or equal to 95%.

The original purpose of KN95 mask is industrial protection and dust protection. It can effectively isolate and separate dust particles in the air. Due to the high filtration performance of the KN95 mask against non-oily particles, it can also be used as a medical protective mask to effectively prevent cross-infection. Medical surgical masks are mainly used for invasive operations in hospitals, such as surgery and catheterization, and are generally required to be used by key infection control and monitoring departments. The filtering efficiency of surgical masks for non-oily particles should reach more than 30%, and the filtering efficiency for bacteria should reach more than 95%. Since there is no special requirement for surface moisture resistance in the standard of KN95 masks, surgical masks are composed of three layers: the inner layer is absorptive, the middle layer is filter layer, and the outer layer is waterproof layer, so the surgical masks should be used when medical staff are performing invasive operations such as intubation and surgery.

Above all, surgical masks and KN95 masks in production standard, production materials and application scenarios are very different, the different application scenarios in life, is particularly significant, KN95 masks and surgical masks are used in medical protection, KN95 of virus bacteria protection even higher than that of surgical masks, but because of a shortage of KN95 mask wet resistance, Medical personnel are required to use surgical masks when performing invasive operations.

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