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What is the difference between different kinds of disposable coverall?

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The difference between a conjoined chemical protective suit and a medical protective suit

Siamese chemical disposable coverall and medical disposable coverall belong to the category of the chemical disposable coverall. They have a similar appearance and a similar protection level, so they are often confused by many users.

These two cannot be mixed use of course, their performance, characteristic has the bigger distinction, mixed use not only cannot produce an effect, still can get the harm that should not originally inadvertently.


l Their performance

l Features are described below


Chemical disposable coverall Two different performance requirements: conjoined flame retardant disposable coverall, because it is the most serious burns, mainly because of the cause of the people's clothes is on fire, clothes are on fire cause burns in a large area of the body, whether he is the main reason of the effective rehabilitation health fast, so most of the fire with chemical disposable coverall for his flame retardancy. The insulation of the connected disposable coverall is quite strong, which is one of the most important anti-chemical properties. The so-called insulation is that the disposable coverall has a good slowing down and preventing heat transfer to the body. It can let people work safely in high temperature environment. The main purpose of the medical disposable coverall is to prevent the penetration of water, harmful or toxic chemicals, blood or body fluids that may carry pathogens, so it is required to have good barrier performance. Medical disposable coverall must have an anti-blood function. This is because medical personnel often come into contact with blood and body fluids carrying infectious pathogens during a medical emergency. Medical disposable coverall has anti-blood function, which can effectively isolate pathogens and ensure the safety of medical personnel. Medical disposable coverall must also be flame retardant and not affected by high and low temperatures.

The two use and characteristics are different: the disposable coverall with ultrasonic welding seam effectively prevent chemical liquid invasion. Can protect against a variety of chemical substances. High strength, high flexibility and high stretch make disposable coverall more comfortable and durable. It is flexible, comfortable and durable. The suit is suitable for chemical manufacturing, chemical treatment, chemical transportation, spraying insecticide, food industry treatment and other places. The main function of the medical disposable coverall is to isolate germs, harmful ultrafine dust, acid solution, salt solution, and keep the environment clean. Adopting PP (polypropylene, accounting for 62% of the total) non-woven material, covered with disposable coverall special breathable film, strong air permeability, will not accumulate a lot of water vapor; The surface is smooth, not contaminated with some chemical substances, and some solid dust will not stick, so it can be very good isolation of many toxic bacteria; With a certain anti-static property, non-combustion, non-toxic and non-irritating, harmless to the skin.

The above is the difference between conjoined disposable coverall and medical disposable coverall, Hubei Wanli Protective Products Co., Ltd is committed to the integrity of management, adhere to the quality management concept: high standards, excellence, zero defect. With a lot of senior staff, we sincerely hope you can choose HHubei Wanli Protective Products Co., Ltd as your first choice. You can search for Hubei Wanli Protective Products Co., Ltd search to buy disposable coveralls and disposable face masks.

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