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What is a surgical gown?

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Surgical gowns are essential daily necessities for medical staff. Today we are going to learn what surgical gowns are:

The following knowledge points are listed below:

What is a surgical gown

The material of surgical gowns

The function and characteristics of surgical gown

① What is a surgical gown

Surgical gowns can be divided into repetitive surgical gowns and disposable surgical gowns according to their usage. Reusable surgical gowns are mainly made of common cotton fabric, high-density polyester fiber fabric and PE, TPU and PTFE multilayer laminated-film composite surgical gowns. Disposable surgical gowns are mainly SMS\SMMS surgical gowns, SMS or SMMS non-woven surgical gowns, reinforced sheets are non-woven composite materials.

② The material of surgical gowns

1. Polypropylene spunbonded cloth: this material can be treated with antimicrobial and antistatic, and made into antimicrobial protective clothing, antistatic protective clothing, etc.

2. Polyester fiber and wood pulp composite water cloth: this material feels soft, close to the traditional textile, and can be three anti (anti-alcohol, anti-blood, anti-oil) and anti-static, anti-bacterial treatment, can use "Y" ray for disinfection, is a good medical protective clothing material.

3. Polypropylene spunbonded - melt-blown - spunbonded composite nonwoven fabric (SMS or SMMS): melt-blown fabric is characterized by fine fiber diameter, large surface area, fluffiness, softness, good drapability, low filtration resistance, high filtration efficiency, strong hydrostatic pressure resistance, but low strength, poor wear resistance, which limits the development of its application field to a considerable extent. The fiber line density of spunbonded cloth is larger, and the fiber net is composed of continuous filaments, so its breaking strength and elongation are much larger than that of meltblown cloth, which can make up for the deficiency of meltblown cloth.

③ The function and characteristics of surgical gown

The fabric used for surgical gowns belongs to medical shielding fabric, which mainly focuses on barrier performance. The barrier property includes the property of preventing the penetration of liquid and microorganisms. In the course of medical treatment, medical staff will inevitably come into contact with the blood and body fluids of patients, whose blood and body fluids may often carry various pathogens such as HBV(hepatitis B virus), HCV(hepatitis C virus) and HIV(AIDS virus).

The surgical gowns should be neat and clean during wearing and using, and are not easy to produce dander or dust, because the hairs and particles dropped on the surface of the surgical gowns are easy to carry pathogens and cause harm to the safety of patients. At the same time, the tension and wear resistance of the fabric should be considered when evaluating the protective performance of the operating garment. Because, the rupture and wear of clothes will cause the pathogen and the medical staff's skin to produce direct contact, so that the surgical gown loses the protection ability. In addition, the patient's blood will be spattered out during the operation, so the operating coat must also have a certain adsorption function and water pressure resistance. In addition, the surgical gowns should also meet other requirements such as comfort, flame retardant and antistatic.

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