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What are the grades of surgical gowns?

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Usually we say one, two and three surgical gown is about the medical industry, the European standard EN14126 surgical gown standard is divided into six categories. The first, second and third grade surgical gown is actually the corresponding surgical level taken in different working scenarios of medical work. Let's take a look at the introduction of the exhibition of medical surgical supplies.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

Classification of surgical gown

Protective requirements of surgical gown


① Classification of surgical gown

There is no such surgical standard as the first, second and third level of the medical surgical gown. According to the use of medical surgical gown, it can be divided into four categories: daily working clothes, surgical gown, isolation gowns and surgical gown. In terms of service life, it can also be divided into disposable surgical gowns and reusable surgical gowns.

Level 1: For liquid exposure, radiation and sputtering with low risk, the operating garment is subjected to less pressure as follows: eye surgery, lumpectomy, skin biopsy and other operations or operations.

Level 2: For a large amount of liquid exposure, low radiation and sputtering risk, low pressure on the operating garment such as hernia repair, tonsil surgery, angiography and other similar operations or procedures. The operating garment of this grade must undergo two tests: the anti-immersion and water-proofing test and the hydrostatic pressure test.

Level 3: Surgical gowns are used for medium liquid exposure, risk of radiation and sputtering, and pressure on Surgical gowns is high, such as shoulder arthroscopy, electroprostatectomy, mastectomy and other similar operations and operations. This grade of surgical garment has higher target requirements for seepage and static voltage experiments.

Level 4: For a small amount of liquid exposure, high risk of radiation and sputtering, and high pressure on the operating garment, such as hip replacement, caesarean section, cardiovascular surgery, and all surgeries and operations that physicians are skilled in entering the patient's body. This level requires a blood immersion test after surgery. The four-level high function protective operating garment is waterproof. Anti-fouling. Anti-soaking. Anti-alcohol. Antistatic five prevention function, eradicate the patient's blood, body fluids permeate the operating garment and infect the surgeon, nurse; Good air permeability, comfortable and bulky; No deflocculation occurs, increasing the incidence of wound infection in the operating room, and increasing the maintenance cost of ventilation equipment in the operating room; The blocking rate of rare hospital pathogenic bacteria can reach 100%, and it has the function of inhibiting bacteria. The functional requirements are beyond the European and American standards and the relevant series of Chinese standards (YY/T0506-2005).

② Protective requirements of surgical gown

EU countries have also adopted and implemented the guidelines on medical devices (93/42 EEC), which lapsed in June 1998 and has become a compulsory law in EU countries, defining surgical garments as medical devices. Corresponding gown for EN3795 commodity specification, the specification will be divided into type specification and the primary, secondary protection on the finished product with the specification is divided into areas and the main protection area, on the test target to hydrostatic pressure, as well as dry and wet state bacteria penetrating test as blocking function specification, to replace the standard decomposition in the blood and microbial soak test.


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