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Two major differences between isolation coveralls and v

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There are differences between isolation overalls and chemical overalls, which will be described in terms of their material and application scope.


1.Material and efficiency are different:

The fabrics used for isolation clothing are: fabrics containing conductive silk, gabardine, yarn, TYVEK (acid and alkali proof), etc. 100% high density polyethylene material, connected with a cap design, breathable, moisture, can block the penetration of fine dust and liquid, but also allow water vapor to leak out; Clothing itself does not emit dust, do not stick to du The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies chemical suits as four levels of protection, depending on how protective they are.

(1) A level

Class A protection is the highest level of protection. Class A protective clothing has the ability to isolate gas and liquid dangerous goods, in the environment containing dangerous chemicals, so that the human skin and respiratory system is best protected. These protective suits are completely sealed and contain self-contained breathing apparatus.

(2) B level

Class B protection prevents any liquids from entering the suit, but gases and wet vapors can penetrate.

(3) C level

Class C protective clothing provides some protection against mild contamination, and emergency workers generally do not use class C protection.

(4) D level

Class D protection is general protection and should not be used as protective clothing for emergency personnel.

Chemical protective clothing is the protective clothing worn to protect oneself from dangerous chemicals or corrosive substances when dealing with dangerous medical chemicals. Chemical protective clothing in addition to the requirements of clothing materials to resist chemical corrosion, sealing and garment seam structure have more stringent requirements.

2. Different scope of application.

Isolation clothing is widely used in electronics, pharmaceutical, food, biological engineering, optics, aerospace, aviation, color tube, semiconductor, precision machinery, plastic, spray paint, hospital, environmental protection and other industries clean workshop, there are a variety of colors and specifications for different anti-static or clean environment. Protective clothing is mainly used in firefighting, military industry, chemical industry, spray painting, cleaning and disinfection, laboratory and other industries and departments.

These are the two main differences between isolation overalls and chemical overalls. Hopefully, that helps you understand it a little bit better.

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