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Three Things You Must Know to Choose the surgical mask

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With the arrival of winter, the epidemic is also likely to return. Now domestic novel coronavirus is sporadic discovery, although still very safe, now foreign new coronavirus is increasingly fierce, in order to protect the health of the family, we still need to choose to buy the medical surgical mask of the big brand that has quality assurance.


l The following is an overview of the various masks

l The applicable conditions of surgical masks

l The recommended type of masks


The sale in general, when choosing medical masks, different masks need to be selected according to their purposes. Medical masks can be divided into medical protective masks, medical surgical masks and ordinary disposable medical masks. In general, the protection standard of medical protective masks is relatively high, which can effectively prevent some diseases transmitted by the respiratory tract. The protection effect is better, and it is more suitable for front-line medical personnel to use.

Under normal circumstances, disposable ordinary medical masks can filter a part of the particulate matter, can meet the general medical requirements. Medical surgical masks can mainly prevent some blood, body fluids or fluids. For facial injuries of doctors, the effect of water insulation is better. For example, medical surgical masks need to be used when performing surgery. cation of masks can be based on the following points: 1. Types and protective effectiveness of masks, from strong to weak, are medical protective masks, medical surgical masks, general medical masks, and ordinary masks. 2. Ordinary masks, such as cotton cloth, sponge, activated carbon and gauze, can only prevent dust and haze, and cannot prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. 3. Ordinary medical masks can be used in non-crowded public places. 4, Medical surgical mask, the protective effect is better than ordinary medical masks, can be worn in public places crowded with people. 5. Medical protective masks (N95/KN95) can be used by frontline medical personnel when in contact with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients, fever outpatients, on-site investigation, sampling and testing personnel, and can also be worn in high-density places or closed public places. 6. Medical masks should be used for COVID-19 protection in the near future. Ordinary cotton cloth, gauze, activated carbon and other masks should not be used as far as possible, but it is better than nothing if necessary.

Medical surgical masks are operating with body fluid and blood splash risk environments such as commonly used surgical masks, blood, body fluids through the mask pollution can be stopped the wearer, the filtration efficiency more than 95% of bacteria, but on the particle filtering efficiency is limited, and mostly rectangular design, with facial fit as well as medical protective mask tightly. Common medical surgical masks include strap type, ear - hanging type and so on

The selection of surgical masks must meet the following conditions: medical surgical masks that meet the YY0469 standard, particle filtration efficiency reaches more than 30%, bacterial filtration efficiency reaches 95%, and the masks are light and thin, expiratory and inhalator efficiency is high, if it is general to go out, simple protection, you can choose this kind of mask.

Finally, please note that the medical surgical mask meeting the YY0469 standard must be marked on the package if you buy it.

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