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The difference between a medical mask and a surgical mask

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Although medical masks and surgical masks are common and similar, there are still a lot of differences between the two. Here are some of them.

Although they all have three layers of structure, the inner layer thickness is different. Generally, the three kinds of masks have different technical standards. The Disposable Medical Mask is (YY/ T09699-2013), the Medical Surgical Mask is (YY0469-2011) and the Medical Protective Mask is (GB19038-2010). You can determine which type of mask the product belongs to by looking at the implementation criteria marked on the packaging of the product, and the respective names will be clearly written on the packaging.


The following will introduce

l Different shapes of masks

l Performance is different


Different shapes of masks

Disposable medical masks and surgical masks are rectangular in shape, with ear and strap styles. Most medical masks are in the shape of a duck bill, which is easy to distinguish.


Performance is different

All three types of masks can filter bacteria, but they differ in water resistance and particle filtration efficiency. First of all, disposable medical masks do not have water resistance and particle filtration efficiency requirements, while both medical surgical masks and medical protective masks have requirements. Secondly, the waterproof performance of medical surgical masks is higher than that of medical protective masks, which can prevent the infection of doctors caused by the spatter of blood and body fluids during the operation.

Finally, a medical mask must simultaneously perform the primary functions of a surgical mask, including bacterial filtration efficiency and the ability to block pressurizing liquid splashes, as well as respiratory protection, i.e. to keep the wearer's breath safe. Moreover, the particle filtration efficiency of medical protective masks is higher than that of surgical masks.

What are the functions of each of these three masks?

First of all, disposable medical masks are only suitable for blocking the pollutants exhaled by the operator's oral and nasal cavity during general diagnosis and treatment operations, that is, they are used when there is no invasive operation, and clinical hospital staff generally wear such masks at work. Can basically also meet the needs of our ordinary people.

Secondly, medical surgical masks are suitable for wearing during surgery, laser treatment, isolation and dental or other medical operations, as well as the transmission of diseases by air or droplets, due to their good waterproof performance and particle filtration efficiency. Mainly meet the use of hospital operation personnel.

Medical protective masks are suitable for occupational protection of medical staff in contact with patients with airborne and droplet borne diseases or in contact with infectious microorganisms due to their good particle filtration efficiency and effective filtering of viruses. Those are the differences, hopefully to help you distinguish them a little bit better.

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