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The development trend of surgical gowns

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Surgical gowns are essential daily necessities for medical staff. Today we are going to look at the development trend of Surgical gowns:


① What is a surgical gown

Surgical gowns can be divided into repetitive Surgical gowns and disposable Surgical gowns according to their usage. Reusable Surgical gowns are mainly made of common cotton fabric, high-density polyester fiber fabric and PE, TPU and PTFE multilayer laminated-film composite Surgical gowns. Disposable Surgical gowns are mainly SMS\SMMS Surgical gowns, SMS or SMMS non-woven Surgical gowns, reinforced sheets are non-woven composite materials.

② The development history of the operating coat

The first surgical gown was used in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Surgical gels and sheets were originally used to create a barrier between non-sterile and sterile areas to prevent wound infection and to protect patients and medical staff. In recent years, a better understanding of the spread of blood-borne pathogens such as HIV, HBV, and HIV has placed greater emphasis on the need for effective barrier fabrics for surgical garments and surgical sheets and coverings. The fabric used for surgical gowns belongs to medical shielding fabric, which mainly focuses on barrier performance. The barrier property includes the property of preventing the penetration of liquid and microorganisms. In the course of medical treatment, medical staff will inevitably come into contact with the blood and body fluids of patients, whose blood and body fluids may often carry various pathogens such as HBV(hepatitis B virus), HCV(hepatitis C virus) and HIV(AIDS virus).

EU countries have also adopted and implemented the guidelines on medical devices (93/42 EEC), which lapsed in June 1998 and has become a compulsory law in EU countries, defining surgical garments as medical devices. Corresponding gown for EN3795 commodity specification, the specification will be divided into type specification and the primary, secondary protection on the finished product with the specification is divided into areas and the main protection area, on the test target to hydrostatic pressure, as well as dry and wet state bacteria penetrating test as blocking function specification, to replace the standard decomposition in the blood and microbial soak test.

③ The future development trend of Surgical gowns

The fabrics used for surgical gowns are generally reusable and disposable materials, and the reusable fabrics are made of fibers woven by spinning yarn. Disposable materials are usually nonwoven. No matter what type, what kind of material plays an important and indispensable role in the current market. As for future development, under the joint efforts of the government, hospitals and operators, it is still necessary to consider various aspects while improving the quality of products and formulate complete supporting measures to create flowing living water and blue ocean market.

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