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The color of surgical gowns

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If you observe carefully, you will find that in most of the operating rooms of modern hospitals, the "white coat" is no longer a popular trend. The color of the operating gown used in most of the operating rooms is green. Today, we will understand the origin of the color of the surgical gown:


The following knowledge points are listed below:

Why are surgical gowns green?

Why are pediatric surgical gowns pink?

Reasons for wearing surgical gowns


① Why are surgical gowns green?

The white coats worn by doctors in modern operating rooms have been changed to green for the following reasons:

When the human eye watches a kind of color for a long time, the optic nerve is easily stimulated and fatigued. In order to relieve this kind of fatigue, the optic nerve will induce a kind of complementary color to make self-regulation. During an operation, the eyes of a doctor always see blood dripping with blood. For a long time, if I occasionally shift my eyes to the white coat of my companion, I will see spots of "green blood".  Make visual confusion and affect the effect of surgery. The use of light green cloth for surgical clothing, you can eliminate the illusion of green, to ensure that the operation is carried out smoothly.

② Why are pediatric surgical gowns pink?

Obstetric and pediatric nurses usually wear pink, because this is a kind of downy, a symbol of the warm, harmonious color, after the child is born to see such a beautiful color, at the first glance will grow so lovely beautiful, pediatric hospitalized children generally were filled with fear, for white pink brings the visual effect is much better, can reduce the fear of children in hospital.

③ Reasons for wearing surgical gowns

Occupational exposure of medical personnel refers to occupational exposure that damages health or endangers life when medical personnel is exposed to toxic or harmful substances, pathogens of infectious diseases, or toxic or harmful substances in the process of diagnosis, treatment and nursing.

The fabric used for surgical gowns belongs to medical shielding fabric, which mainly focuses on barrier performance. The barrier property includes the property of preventing the penetration of liquid and microorganisms. In the course of medical treatment, medical staff will inevitably come into contact with the blood and body fluids of patients, whose blood and body fluids may often carry various pathogens such as HBV(hepatitis B virus), HCV(hepatitis C virus) and HIV(AIDS virus). Therefore, doctors need to be careful about the choice of surgical gowns. Suitable surgical gowns are good for both doctors and patients.


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