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How to distinguish different types of disposable respirators?

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There are many kinds of respirators. Let's learn about different kinds of respirators today!

The following knowledge points are listed below:

What is disposable respirators

Classification of disposable respirators

Distinguish between different types of respirators


① What are disposable respirators

Disposable respirators are made of more than three layers of 28 grams of non-woven fabric; The bridge of the nose is made of an environment-friendly plastic strip, which does not contain any metal and is breathable and comfortable. Especially suitable for electronic factories, daily use. Disposable respirators (surgical respirators for medical use) can prevent respiratory infections to a certain extent and cannot prevent haze. Be careful when purchasing respirators that clearly indicate "surgical mask for medical use" on the outer package.

Disposable respirators are made of environmentally friendly plastic nose strips and nose clips, which can be adjusted according to different face shapes. The inner ultrasonic spot welding, the earband can be very firm and not easy to fall off.

② Classification of disposable respirators

A. Medical mask

1. Disposable non-woven mask, the number of layers is more than three layers, to isolate bacteria and dust, and disposable use, safe and reliable, no risk of secondary infection.

2. Gauze respirators are the most widely used respirators. Gauze respirators are widely used in the field of medical care and scientific research.

3. Antiviral mask is made of special material with a filter layer in the middle. The filter layer is made of activated carbon felt or melt blown cloth. It has the effect of sterilization and sterilization.

B. Activated carbon disposable respirators

Activated carbon respirators than the respirator is much like a layer of activated carbon fiber, the fiber layer usually can effectively block the benzene in the air, the harmful gas such as ammonia, formaldehyde, bad breath, stench, safeguard human health, than the average ordinary respirators have stronger adsorption of harmful gas, the liquid filter function is 30 times the normal mask.

C. KN90-95-100 disposable respirators

KN standard is the dust mask standard developed by China on the basis of NIOSH standard in the United States. This standard is implemented in addition to the National Institute of Research (NRI) standard, which means a respiratory protection filter level of 90 percent or more. The respirators are currently on the market

It has become more and more common and will be a kind of respiratory protective equipment in the future.

D. Two layers of respirators

Generally, the two-layer mask is mainly used in food processing plants. There is no filter meltblown cloth in the middle, but two pieces of non-woven cloth are sewn together. Its function is mainly to prevent substances in the mouth from entering food, such as saliva, nasal spray, cold, etc., and its weight is generally about 2-4.5g.

③ Distinguish between different types of respirators

Different types of respirators can be classified into medical respirators, Disposable respirators and industrial respirators according to their uses. It can also be divided into disposable non-woven respirators, gauze respirators, antiviral respirators, activated carbon disposable respirators, KN90-95-100 disposable respirators, two-layer respirators, etc.

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