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How to choose the right disposable coverall?

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It is believed that through the influence of grades, medical staff can better enter the public's vision, and the case of sacrificing his life for himself moves me. And all we can do is protect ourselves and not put ourselves in danger. We need to use guard tools to protect ourselves in our daily life. Guard tools include many, this includes disposable coverall Next, I will introduce the common disposable coverall to give you a deeper understanding. And teach you how to choose the right disposable coverall.

Disposable coverall is used to protect the body in the different work environment, isolation from the physical and chemical damage clothing, common thermal protective clothing, protective clothing is chemical protective clothing, bulletproof against mechanical damage clothing, microbial bacteria/protective clothing harmful particles, too cold protective clothing, protective clothing, ray protective clothing, such as seven, the seven functional protective clothing what are the differences? The following will give you a detailed introduction.


Disposable coverall

includes Microporous Coverall

Breathable microporous overalls

Flame retardant messaging kit medical coverall

SMS Coverall

chemical coverall.



Includes Microporous Coverall

fabrics provide soft and flexible wear working in the absence of lighting, reflective tape has remarkable eye-catching performance, applications for limited biohazard and infective agents traffic control site industrial cleaning emergency services search and rescue


Breathable microporous overalls


Breathable microporous overalls lightweight and disposable coverall, economical, provides basic protection against solid dust and small amounts of liquid splash Used for field maintenance industrial painting industrial cleaning in humid environment emergency services the pharmaceutical industry. Tri-layer SMS material provides protection against dust and light liquid splashing, while breathable material helps reduce heat accumulation and promotes comfortable wearing.


Flame retardant messaging kit medical coverall


Fire treatment provides secondary protection against high temperature and flame and is intended to protect workers from occasional and brief exposure to small ignition flames in the absence of significant thermal hazards and other types of heat Suitable for welding, metal grinding general powder handling and carpentry limited biohazard and infective agents high temperature working condition industrial cleaning emergency services agriculture and veterinary services.


SMS Coverall


Three-layer SMS material with high air permeability and dust resistance, while maintaining a high moisture vapor transfer rate, allowing steam to escape from the fabric, keeping the fabric interior cool and comfortable. Apply to limited biohazard and infective paints and dust control industrial cleaning emergency services industrial pharmaceutical manufacturing agriculture and veterinary services.


Chemical Coverall.

Waterproof and anti-static disposable protective clothing to protect against chemicals, radioactive particles and biological agents. Apply to polyethylene coated chemical protective clothing head cover and elastic openings/wrists/ankles tape seam tape double zipper protection Antistatic treatment

That concludes my introduction to disposable coverall, now let me introduce some of the companies I knowHubei Wanly Protective Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of masks. As the disposable goods market becomes increasingly diversified and consolidated, Hubei Wanly is determined to meet the needs of a wider range of global customers. We are specialized in the occupational safety and medical industry of protective masks, disposable protective clothing and accessories. Headquartered in Hubei Province, China, Hubei Wanly Company is a high-tech enterprise with more than 10 national patents. At present, we have more than 800 employees, including 160 senior workers, 590 skilled workers and 50 international trade professionals. We are committed to providing our customers with the best products, building trust with them, and providing them with the specific needs they need.


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