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How to avoid fake disposable respirators?

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Will be the harm of coronavirus is continuous fermentation, infected people are also gradually increasing, is also a strict monitoring stage, go out in the outside must wear disposable surgical respirators, there are a lot of businessmen have no conscience, there are a lot of business people eat the blood of steamed bread, produced a lot of fake disposable respirators, which brings serious threat to people's health, So what are the dangers of inferior disposable respirators?

The following knowledge points are listed below:

The harm of inferior disposable respirators

How to avoid using fake disposable respirators

The way to purchase disposable respirators


① The harm of inferior disposable respirators

1. Easy to be infected by bacteria and viruses. Disposable respirators for medical use are popular in the market mainly because of their special materials and exquisite production techniques, and their effect is much better than that of ordinary primary respirators. If these disposable respirators do not meet the relevant requirements, the ability to resist viruses and bacteria will be greatly reduced, so people are very likely to be infected by the same diseases when they go out. We hope that everyone can choose to buy disposable medical respirators from regular channels as far as possible.

2. affect the health of the respiratory tract. Inferior one - time sex respirators cannot have the effect of preventing germs and protect themselves from blowing sand, because most inferior disposable respirators have a special smell, long-term wearing is very easy to bow | up giddy allergy symptoms, respiratory damage is very big, some people may also guide | allergic conditions such as redness and itching, So you should pay attention to choose a regular place to buy respirators.

3. affect the normal breathing. Poor quality disposable medical respirators may also use many layers, but too much non-woven fabric or other materials will affect normal breathing, but can not play the basic role of the respirators.


② How to avoid using fake disposable respirators

Although now we are all very need disposable surgical respirators to protect themselves, but also does not choose to place such as taobao to buy as far as possible, don't pick on personal hand to buy, there have been much news showed the fake respirators, there are many people in the use of disposable surgical respirators to cheat, so we in the process of buying respirators need to be careful and cautious.

③ The way to purchase disposable respirators

It should be noted that the sterilization grade and ordinary grade marked on the packaging of the medical nursing respirators refer to the cleanliness of the respirators themselves, which has nothing to do with the filtering effect. The public can check the drug control approval when choosing the respirators. Activated charcoal respirators are filtered by the activated carbon inside the respirators, which is useless after a few uses, so you have to get a new one from time to time.

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