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How are surgical masks made by?

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Due to the long-term influence of novel coronavirus on us, we have to wear masks in many scenes in our life, such as taking the subway and going out in public places, etc. Surgical masks have become the first barrier to protect ourselves and others in our life. Then how are surgical masks made?

Here I will introduce it from three aspects.

The material of the surgical mask.

The process of making a surgical mask.

Standards for making surgical masks.

(1) Materials for making surgical masks.

Surgical masks are not limited to everyday use in our lives, but also medical protective masks used in hospitals, anti-infection departments and high-risk workers, so the materials must be able to prevent the direct penetration of pathogens, microorganisms, body fluids and particles. Medical surgical masks are generally made of three layers of nonwoven fabric. Three layers of non-woven material for spunbonded non-woven fabric + melt-blown non-woven fabric + spunbonded non-woven fabric. You can also use a layer of staple fibers to improve skin touch, namely ES hot-rolled nonwoven + melt-blown nonwoven + spunbonded nonwoven. The outer layer of the mask adopts a drip-proof design, and the middle layer is filtered and moisture-absorbing. Melt blown cloth usually weighs 20 grams. The inner layer is a water absorbing layer, the middle layer is a filter layer, and the outer layer is a waterproof layer.

(2) The process of making surgical masks.

The process of making a surgical mask is as follows:

① The machine laminates three layers of cotton free raw materials together.

② The machine matches the conveying of fine tape along the side of non-woven cloth, and then sews the edge of a roll.

③ Use machinery to fold three layers of non-woven cloth and smooth the surface pressure.

④ The single cutting and hemming of the mask are basically automatic without manual processing.

⑤ Apply adhesive to the edge of the mask and mechanically fix the earstring on the mask with hot-pressing adhesive.

⑥ Use ethylene oxide to kill bacteria, fungi and molds.

(3) Standards for making surgical masks.

Medical surgical masks should conform to the national standard of the pharmaceutical industry YY 0469-2011 "Technical Requirements for Medical Surgical masks". Generally require surgical masks for non-oily particle filtration efficiency should be above 30%, the bacteria filtration efficiency should be above 95%, and the surgical masks to use more in hospital surgery, the catheter of invasive operation, such as infection control department also generally requires the use of this kind of mask, so surgical masks penetrability and water resistance of synthetic blood also have strict requirements.

To sum up, due to the surgical masks are used in a line protection of medical personnel, the quality of the mask is crucial, relationship to the life safety of countless people, surgical masks materials, production process and production standards, has a standard answer, we should use surgical masks, in accordance with the requirements for personal protective, protect the health of themselves and others.

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