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What is the KN95 mask?
KN95 mask is a kind of Chinese mask with particle filtration efficiency, its effectiveness is the same as N95 mask, is one of the "suitable alternatives" of Chinese mask. The following is an overview of itThe KN95 is the standard face mask in China.The particulate matter filtration efficiency of KN9
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What is the difference between a surgical mask and a KN95 mask?
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, medical surgical masks have been frequently used in our daily life. Compared with KN95 masks, these kind of masks are cheaper and easier to obtain. However, for clinical high-risk medical groups and workers in special factories, KN95 masks must be used to obtain b
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How to choose the right disposable coverall?
It is believed that through the influence of grades, medical staff can better enter the public's vision, and the case of sacrificing his life for himself moves me. And all we can do is protect ourselves and not put ourselves in danger. We need to use guard tools to protect ourselves in our daily lif
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How are surgical masks made?
Due to the long-term influence of novel coronavirus on us, we have to wear masks in many scenes in our life, such as taking the subway and going out in public places, etc. Surgical masks have become the first barrier to protect ourselves and others in our life. Then how are surgical masks made? Here
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Can you wash disposable coveralls?
Disposable coveralls are waterproof, anti-static, good filtration efficiency, do not irritate the skin, very convenient to wear and take off, body parts are very tight. Disposable coveralls have a strong comprehensive isolation effect in special environment and operation, and can well protect the sa
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