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Why need Microporous Coverall?
When workers work in some stuffy workshops, they often sweat and sweat, leading to sweat in their work coveralls, which not only brings discomfort to workers, but also affects the workers' work efficiency by wearing sticky work coveralls in the workshop. One of the important reasons for this result
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How to choose the right face mask?
Now the environmental pollution is more and more serious, there is a lot of dust in the air, the following first to introduce the dust.Can protect dust, smoke, fog, microorganisms and other non-oily particles (from GB2626-2019 on the definition of particulate matter).Classification of Dust:One, Inor
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What is a Grade III surgical gown?
What is a Grade III surgical gown?rgical gowns are essential daily necessities for medical staff. Today we are going to learn what Grade III surgical gown is: The following knowledge points are listed below:What is the classification of surgical gown:Classification of surgical gownsApplicable peopl
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How to distinguish different types of disposable respirators?
There are many kinds of respirators. Let's learn about different kinds of respirators today! The following knowledge points are listed below:What is disposable respiratorsClassification of disposable respiratorsDistinguish between different types of respirators ① What are disposable respiratorsDispo
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Two major differences between isolation coveralls and v
There are differences between isolation overalls and chemical overalls, which will be described in terms of their material and application scopeMaterial and efficiency are different:The fabrics used for isolation clothing are: fabrics containing conductive silk, gabardine, yarn, TYVEK (acid and alka
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