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Can you wash a disposable coverall?

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Disposable coveralls are waterproof, anti-static, good filtration efficiency, do not irritate the skin, very convenient to wear and take off, body parts are very tight. Disposable coveralls have a strong comprehensive isolation effect in special environment and operation, and can well protect the safety and health of individuals and others. Disposable coveralls are useful in many ways as a form of clothing that can protect the human body from harm. Then can i wash my disposable coveralls?

Disposable coveralls are generally not cleaning, cleaning process is easy to wash away debris, thus losing the protective effect.

The analysis will be carried out from the following three aspects

What kind of disposable coveralls do you have?

Why are disposable coveralls disposable?

How long can disposable coveralls be used?

(1) What kinds of disposable coveralls are there?

There are many types of disposable coveralls. For example, disposable protective clothing for medical use, disposable dustproof clothing for factory workshop, disposable coveralls for laboratory use, disposable coveralls for daily use and so on. These coveralls are disposable, need to be strictly in accordance with the use of discarded destruction, to prevent pollution.

(2) Why protective clothing is disposable and cannot be cleaned?

There are two main reasons why protective suits are disposable, one is their danger and the other is their cost. Specific reasons are as follows: first, risk, because the disposable coverall is mainly used for special dangerous environment, mainly plays the role of isolation and protection, if it is repeated use, it need to pass multiple sterilization procedures, it is easy to damage, cannot use damaged disposable coverall, the risk increased many times. Secondly, the uniform is used once to cut off the transmission route. Disposable overalls themselves also have many sources of transmission, there are certain risks. Use once is also to ensure the safety of users. Finally, the cost problem, one-time coveralls if used for many times, there will be more testing steps, and the material and subsequent maintenance are the increase of the cost, so from the economic point of view is not worth it.

(3) How long can disposable coveralls be used?

The use time of disposable overalls is four hours. Disposable overalls for medical use are usually replaced every four hours. If the protective clothing is contaminated by blood or transmission sources during use, and the disposable overalls are damaged during use, it needs to be replaced immediately. We must strictly follow the specifications to replace one-time coveralls, in order to better protect themselves. In order to better store disposable coveralls, here is how to store them:

1.indoor pH value: pH value is 6 ~ 7.5, it is forbidden to contact with acid, alkali and other chemicals.

2. heat source: do not from the direct sunlight, away from the heat source, such as heating, etc.

3.indoor temperature range:5-28 degrees.

4. indoor humidity range:40%-60%.

To sum up, disposable coveralls are generally used in the highly dangerous medical industry or factories and laboratories. For reasons of personal safety, pollution source transmission and cost calculation, they can not be reused after cleaning.

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